Buying tires in Calgary is quite a big deal — feel free to consult with us at Precision Alignment & Brake about proper size, type and grade for your local Calgary driving needs. We can help you balance load requirements, fuel economy, performance, durability and cost. If you provide us with your tire size (located on the side of your tires [ex: 205/50R17]) we will provide 3 different estimates for your particular tire size, with a varied price range. Our prices include dismount, mount, balance and installation on the vehicle.

When buying new tires, it’s best to replace both tires on the same axle in order to keep the rolling diameter as close as possible. If you have a four-wheel-drive vehicle, you should replace all four tires at the same time because you can run into problems if the tires have different rolling diameters due to wear or different type of tire.

Four-wheel-drive vehicles should have all tires very close to the same rolling diameter to avoid binding and wheel hop between the front and rear axles. Also, tire manufacturers recommend that if you are buying just two new tires that they be installed on the rear for safer slippery road traction – regardless of which wheels drive the vehicle. Give us a call before you make your next tire purchase, we’re here to help.

Tire Storage

At Precision NAPA Autopro we store your tires even if they are on rims and quite heavy. We store tires for the season for $69/season. This way you won’t have to lug them in and out of your car, and if you don’t have space to store them we can for you.

Winter Tires

We recommend winter tires for best handling in winter conditions (see article below for more info). Winter tires are on sale now (Oct/Nov/Dec)! Only so many winter tires are made every season, contact us today if your want winter tires for this season!

All Season Tires

Available year around; all season tires have rebates for the purchase of 4 tires in the Spring (April & May). We recommend all season tires for best handling in the summer.

Summer Tires (Racing Tires)

Harder to find, but they are available for some applications.

Do I need Winter Tires? Should I Just Get Good All Seasons?

Check out this article for a good summary:

What is an All-Weather tire? Everyone has heard of an All Season, a Winter, and a Summer tire, but an All-Weather tire? This article offers a good description of the All-Weather tire:

All-weather tires are NOT the best choice for Calgarians as we have extreme cold and hot temps to deal with. Availability is very limited in Calgary.

Tire Rotations

Highly recommended at every 2nd oil change service (approx. every 10,000 to 15,000 kms), in order to increase the life of your expensive tires.

Winter Tires Calgary

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