At Precision Alignment and Brake we can determine if a vehicle requires transmission repairs. We can diagnose when a transmission is failing, but we send vehicles to an expert transmission shop when they require internal transmission repairs. We can remove a failed transmission and install a new, rebuilt or used transmission if our customer so chooses. The transmission is a vital component of your vehicle and it should be running smoothly. If you suspect your vehicle is suffering from a transmission problem, let the experienced technicians at our auto repair shop in Calgary help you.

What is a Transmission?

The transmission in your vehicle is probably the most complicated and least understood major component in your car or truck. Modern day transmissions contain a combination of sophisticated hydraulics and computer-controlled electronic components. The transmission in your vehicle is a mechanical component that is designed to transfer the power from the engine to the vehicle’s drive axle which in turn makes the wheels drive the vehicle. The transmission contains a varying gear ratio that can alter the level of power and speed the engine delivers to the wheels. This means that in low gear ranges, the transmission provides more power and less speed and in high gear ranges it is the opposite. This allows the transmission to help reduce the load on the engine, while increasing the vehicle’s speed and fuel economy.

Why is a Transmission Important?

Your vehicle’s transmission is what allows it to gain speed quickly and efficiently. Without a transmission your vehicle would either accelerate very slowly or reach a very low top speed. The transmission effectively transfers the power from your engine to the wheels of your vehicle, without one your vehicle wouldn’t work. This means that a transmission is an essential component of your vehicle, when your transmission stops working so does your vehicle.

Do Transmissions Require Maintenance?

As one of the most important components in your vehicle, ensuring that your transmission is performing optimally is very important. The transmission is a sophisticated element of your vehicle that contains many different moving parts that require maintenance to remain in good working order. It can be overwhelming to try and perform maintenance on today’s modern transmissions, many of them require the equipment and expertise of a certified technician. At Precision we have the tools and experts needed to perform the transmission maintenance procedures your vehicle requires.

Cost varies by whether or not your vehicle is two or four wheel adjustable. Four-wheel drive vehicles may have an additional charge because they’re more difficult to align. At any rate, it’s cheaper than having to replace your tires every few months.

If it’s been awhile since you’ve had your wheels aligned, bring your vehicle to Precision Alignment & Brake in Calgary for an alignment check.

How Often Should I Service My Transmission?

The maintenance recommendations contained within your vehicle’s owner’s manual can assist you with knowing when you should have the transmission filter and fluid replaced in your vehicle. In general, most transmission experts recommend changing the fluid and filter every 40,000 km. Doing so may help you avoid a potential transmission breakdown.

How Do I Know if My Transmission Needs Repair?

There can be a number of different signs coming from your vehicle that may indicate that your transmission is in need of repair. A key identifier that your transmission isn’t working properly is if you feel the “transmission slipping” while driving. Transmission slipping can feel like you are driving in one gear and then it changes to another gear for no apparent reason. You can also identify transmission slipping if it seems like your vehicle is struggling, is suddenly underpowered, or isn’t accelerating like it should.

Another sign your transmission is in need of repair is if your are experiencing rough shifts while driving. Your vehicle may feel like it’s refusing to change gears as it normally does, or the gear shifts aren’t very smooth. In some cases you may hear a clunk or thud when your vehicle changes gears.

If your vehicle is experiencing a delayed response when you shift into drive or reverse is another sign that your transmission isn’t working properly. You may also experience something like a long pause where the car revs the engine as you give it gas, but it’s not moving forward as it should.

Finally another key indicator that your transmission is in need of servicing or repair is if there is fluid leaking from it. Transmissions are sealed units and should never be leaking fluids. You will be able to tell that it is your transmission that is leaking fluid because the fluid will be bright red, but can also be a dark red or brown. If you notice any fluid leaking from your vehicle you should have it inspected by a technician as soon as possible.

Precision won’t complete any repairs without you having the proper information about the repairs your vehicle needs and your consent. We understand vehicle repairs are usually unexpected expenses and that is why we will work with you to come up with a solution that can work within your budget.

We know it is hard to keep your family on schedule without a vehicle in Calgary. This is why when we begin work on your car it is our primary focus. We want to make sure you have your vehicle back quickly and fixed properly so you can get back to your everyday life. That is why we keep in communication while your vehicle is with us to make sure you know when your vehicle will be ready.

If you are in need of transmission service, our expert technicians are ready to help you. Please contact us with any questions, concerns or information requests you may have, or if you are interested in booking an appointment. You can reach us by phone at (587) 317-1559 or click here to request an appointment.

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