We provide the highest possible service for the lowest price.

We need to pay for high quality technicians and equipment. But, we believe we have offered the very best Price to Service Ratio for our customers.

Please call or email us for specific prices as there are many variables that affect pricing.

Precision Alignment & Brake offers the following services as a bonus to our clients.

Peace of Mind warranty is offered on most repairs, covering our vehicle repairs anywhere in North America for 2 years/40,000 kms (many aftermarket parts carry a lifetime warranty as well). Obtain the Peace of Mind warranty pamphlet which outlines how the warranty works, and the 1-800 number to call should you experience any problems.

New Vehicle Warranty
Sign up on the Napa Autopro website for free! if your new vehicle is 3 years old or newer and has less than 60,000 kms at sign-up, to be covered by our 10 year/400,000 km Autopro new vehicle engine and drivetrain warranty.

It is no charge to our clients; the only requirement is that you have your vehicle serviced as per manufacturer’s recommendations at a reputable shop, and you retain the service records.

Roadside Assistance Plan
Very Affordable Roadside Assistance plan – now available for only $20 / 6 months – will provide you with: towing, boost, flat tire change, unlock locked door, or bring fuel if you run out.

Contact Us to Setup an Auto Repair Appointment Today!

We offer complementary shuttle service for longer jobs of 2h or more, and this would need to be arranged at the time of booking appt.