Mechanics in Calgary

Precision Alignment and brake provides professional and experienced mechanics in Calgary. Our auto repair shop features some of the most knowledgeable and experienced mechanics in the Calgary area. Just a note for info: the correct term for a mechanic today is Automotive Technician, as cars are no longer simply mechanical machines; there are countless electronic components and they are run by computers.

Knowledgeable and Experienced Technicians

Our mechanics (auto technicians) have over 40 combined years of experience working on a large variation of vehicles and mechanical issues. We feature a number of different auto technicians who specialize in different vehicle services so we can assure that your vehicle is examined and fixed by the appropriate specialist. The vehicles manufactured today are sophisticated machines that feature integrated mechanical, electrical and hydraulic systems that demand a higher standard of knowledge, technical ability and equipment. This is why we only employ the most knowledgeable and experienced mechanics (automotive technicians) who can handle the issues of modern vehicles. Our lead Journeyman auto technician (mechanic) is licensed inter-provincially, we have another Journeyman auto technician who is licensed in Alberta, and another tech who is in the auto tech apprenticeship program. They continually update their training monthly to stay on top of changing technology.

Mechanic in Calgary

Committed to Quality, Integrity and Efficiency

At Precision Alignment and Brake featuring knowledgeable and experienced mechanics isn’t enough, we also ensure each of our technicians have a commitment to quality, integrity and efficiency. Our Calgary automotive technicians / mechanics are devoted to repairing your vehicle to the highest standards with efficient work that saves you money. Our techs / mechanics, along with all the staff at our auto repair shop in Calgary, treat your vehicle as they would their own, knowing it is important to save you money and have your vehicle repaired right and quickly.

Specialized Technicians for Specialized Repairs

Auto repair has become complicated over the years and knowing everything about every aspect of every vehicle is nearly impossible. This is why it is important to us to have a number of technicians / mechanics that specialize in different vehicle repair areas. This way we can ensure no matter the repair your vehicle may need, we have someone who can do the job efficiently and correctly. Our Calgary auto repair shop features specialists in alignment, diagnostics, import vehicles, domestic vehicles, transmission service, engine repair, brake repair and much more. Our wide variety of specialized Calgary technicians / mechanics allows us to bring you a level of service not easily found in other Calgary auto repair shops.

Mechanic in Calgary

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If your vehicle needs repair or maintenance, trust the expert auto technicians / mechanics at Precision Alignment and Brake in Calgary. Our technicians will provide efficient, high quality work that will ensure your vehicle is fixed right at the lowest cost available. Please call us at 403-293-3483 to set up your appointment with our experienced and honest Calgary auto techs/ mechanics.

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