Brakes that work properly are essential to the safety of Calgary drivers. You want to carefully maintain your brakes. In vehicles equipped with drum brakes, the brake components are housed inside a drum that rotates with the wheel. When you step on the brake pedal, brake shoes push out against the inside of the drum, slowing the wheel.

Now brake shoes just wear away with use from rubbing on the drum as you brake. When it’s time to replace brake shoes at Precision Alignment & Brake Ltd in Calgary, it’s a straight-forward repair. If you hear squealing or grinding when braking, have your Precision Alignment & Brake Ltd service advisor check them out. They’ll have your service advisor perform a thorough brake inspection to see what needs to be done. They’ll check for signs of brake problems and go over other brake components to see that they’re working properly. They can tell you if it’s time to replace the shoes or if there are other issues with your brakes that should be addressed.

Some Calgary drivers ignore the warning signs and keep driving long after the shoes are completely worn out. When that happens, metal brake components will grind against the drum, damaging it enough that it has to be resurfaced or replaced. When you push on your brake pedal, the wheel cylinder is activated and it pushes the shoes against the drum to slow the vehicle. This cylinder, and various springs within the brake, can wear out affecting your ability to stop. The worn components can be easily replaced. The new shoes we put on your vehicle at Precision Alignment & Brake Ltd in Calgary will restore your brakes to manufacturers’ specifications. Or, we can install upgraded parts to increase your stopping power and reduce brake noise and brake dust.

At Precision Alignment & Brake Ltd in Calgary, we have several options to meet your braking requirements and your budget. Taking care of your brakes keeps them working safely – and you could prevent premature brake repairs down the road.

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