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February 2015

I am a small business owner, and my car is my livelihood. Most of my business is going to client locations all around the city, and without it my business is floating in cyberspace … literally.

When my car started making terrible sounds I was instantly anxious and called Precision. They were able to book me for first thing the next morning, and when I got there, they had my car in the shop exactly on schedule.

The engine mount had snapped off of my block, and the whole thing was pressed against one side causing the awful sound. They quickly sourced the part that I needed and got to work lifting and prepping the engine.

I had my car back to me that same day running smooth and quiet. I would highly recommend taking your vehicle to Precision Alignment & Brake, they offer great service, excellent timelines, and care for their customers and their cars.


June 2014

What an amazing experience at Precision Alignment and Brake. I cannot say enough about all the positive things in regards to my car repair.

My past experiences at other Calgary auto repair places were quickly erased after I had my car brakes serviced at Precision.

My story: I decide to have my brakes assessed after having problems going down hills, especially in Cochrane. At Precision, the staff and mechanics are very knowledgeable and honest.

Their communication for quick updates and information about brake parts plus the benefits of the parts they replaced was awesome! I even received email links to information sites for auto parts related to my repairs! They are big on education which built trust in our new relationship.

The new brakes parts are perfect! I would recommend Precision Alignment and Brake to friends and clients who are looking for a repair place with an excellent location, accessible hours, knowledgeable staff and a trusted service approach.

Thank-you for servicing my car and keeping me safe on the road!

CH, Customer who was wowed!!!

December 2013

Precision Alignment and Brakes are simply the best, trustworthy and absolutely knowledgeable experts in their field. I always refer them to my social, professional and personal networks.

Thank-you and cheers!


November 2013

I am writing to let you know that my experience at your car shop, Precision Alignment and Brake is unmatched by any other shop I have been in. I really appreciated the greeting, the extensive diagnosis, and the honest advice as to how best to maintain my car. The work on my car was completed in a timely manner while I sat in your comfortable waiting area.

While waiting, I was able to hear how your staff dealt with each and every customer’s needs that came in or called your office with vehicle concerns. I truly appreciate the honest, timely and professional service that Precision Alignment and Brake provide and when I hear people talk about their cars needing work, I make it a point to send them your way.

Thank- you for your continued professional service.


June 2013

Thank-you for solving the mystery of my one-eyed car. My car was regularly going to the dealership for repairs for one problem. The tail light always got burnt out. I complained to the dealer about it almost 5 times. They were always calling in the car and doing something with it so that the light was ok for a few days or weeks. Then it would burn out, again and again.

After one visit and on the first inspection, your team was able to resolve the everlasting issue with my car’s brake light. With just one day’s work, I experienced Precision’s thoroughness, thoughtfulness, courtesy and professionalism. My car now has all the lights working, and it has been more than three months since your team took care of my car. I will recommend Precision Alignment to anyone and everyone who wants their vehicles taken care of professionally, ethically and honestly.

Thanks Carol and Precision!


May 2013

Whoever came up with the phrase, “tried, tested and true” must have been thinking of the folks at Precision Brake and Alignment. Having recently taken my car for servicing, I can honestly say that I have tried their inspection service, tested their knowledge and facilities, and I have found that they are indeed true to their word.

The staff at Precision were precise in their follow up with me after my car had been serviced. They took the time and effort to review all of their findings to make recommendations to me on future servicing and warranty work.

I know that Carol and Hank’s team have recently been awarded the “Best of” in their category, and it was certainly well deserved.

Thanks again Precision for a job well done!


April 2012

I just wanted to say thank you to you and your staff for being so gracious and genuinely helpful with my car.

I first came to you with some oil issues. I would be the first to admit that when it comes to the mechanics of my car, I am truly a “turn-the-key” and go driver! Your mechanic took the time to show me how to check my oil levels and even patiently watched me do it myself. This came in very handy when I was out of town and had to check the levels again by myself.

You have also regularly taken the time to follow up by phone, email or text to ensure that everything is running smoothly. In addition, you have offered to give me a ride back to my office while working on my car. You ensure that only the necessary work is being done and your sincerity is second to none!

I would highly recommend Precision to anyone looking for exceptional customer service, reliability and a commitment to getting the job done right for all of their vehicle’s needs.




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